Twilight Drilling - Professional Performance Guaranteed

Our Vision

It is our vision to provide a personal approach, to keep our "finger on the pulse" and to be nimble to adapt or act to any situation as per our client's needs. We strive to maintain zero incidents, provide a healthy and safe work environment, and pay close attention to the efficiency of the operation.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on having drilling teams that are comprised of the best people, with proven credentials in the industry. Every employee is eligible for advancement through experience and training. We ensure the successful completion of all required safety training. We recognize the importance of working as a team to minimize the work hazards associated with the industry and provide a professional service.

Our Services

We operate three cutting-edge tele-doubles rigs. Our rigs are quick to rig up, rig down, and move. These rigs drill at pacesetter levels and we can provide both data and references to support our performance. We are members in good standing with the CAODC, CompyWorks, and ISNetworld. We also hold a valid COR Certification.