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Employment requirements

Twilight Drilling Ltd. is committed to providing a safe working environment for all all of our employees. All employees are required to have a minimum of:

Rig Tech Certification:

All senior field positions (Motorhand and up) are required to either hold a valid certification for their position or to be registered with the Apprenticeship Board.


Employment information

Do you have what it takes to work in the Drilling Industry?

Yes you can earn a great income for yourself and family, you can work your way up in position, and you can work your way through an apprenticeship to be a Journeyman Rig Tech.

What does it take to work on a Drilling Rig?

  • 18 years old and legally able to work in Canada
  • Valid H2S Alive which is required for all positions. – These courses can be taken through Enform and many other Safety Training Centers. (Please note you are required to hold a valid H2S Alive certificate, which is different than an H2S Awareness certificate)
  • Valid driver's license and a reliable means of transportation to get to and from the rig location
  • Able to do a Fit to Work test. Would you be able to lift 75 lbs on a regular basis for a period of 12 hours?
  • Valid eGSO certificate? - This can be taken online free through Enform
  • PPE to work on a rig - if not are you able to purchase the required PPE? (See list attached)
  • Able to work in -30 or +30
  • Be a team player and take direction from others, or to work independently
  • Work with a variety of personalities
  • Mechanically inclined
  • Safety inclined and prepared to follow the Companies Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Prepared to work 12 hour shifts. A normal shift rotation would be 7 days of 12 hour night shift, 7 days of 12 hour day shift and 7 days off. These shifts may vary depending on the location of the rig.
  • Prepared to living in a camp setting or to be responsible for your own lodging and meals. As per CAODC you would be given an allowance to cover your expenses. (See CAODC regulated Wage Scale)


Current Job Listings

Twilight Drilling is accepting applications for the following experienced positions:

Leasehand / Floorhand:

Certifications Required:

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Certifications Required:

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Certifications Required:

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